My Self Development Kit



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This kit comes with everything you need to start prioritizing yourself and well-being



This kit comes with everything you need to start prioritizing yourself and well-being

Gratitude and Affirmations Journal 

There is so much science behind writing down what you are grateful for and stating positive affirmations daily. In this crazy world, it’s important to slow down and reflect about everything you have accomplished and will accomplish. Print this out as many times as you need!

Daily Wins Chart

The human brain loves winning! When you accomplish anything throughout the day, no matter how big or small, record it on the daily wins chart. This motivates you to keep going and recognize how much you have got done. For me my daily win always includes reading for 20 minutes!

Create A Day With Intentions

Too often people are on auto-pilot and lose purpose. This sheet is designed to help you put everything into perspective. It forces you to really dig deep and discover why you wake up each day and gives you direction for the day. This helps with really making the most out of your time.

Intermittent Fasting Plan

A sample intermittent fasting plan I used to maintain my health and weight. This plan is to just show you the basics of how an intermittent fasting plan works. You can eat whatever foods you want. There is plenty of evidence behind intermittent fasting you can explore on your own!

Sample Workout Plan

I included this because so many people I know don’t know how to start exercising. It can definitely be scary but it’s not impossible. I’ve included a simple and easy workout plan you incorporate 5 days a week for at least 30 minutes to start! Sometimes you just need a push and some direction!

Caffeine Plan

I’ve reduced my caffeine intake by a lot over the years. It got out of hand in college and I couldn’t find anyone to give me advice on this. So I did some research and came up with a simple and sustainable way to reduce your caffeine intake! Because going cold turkey is tough!

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