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The Famous Study Ebook 

This ebook is based on the most common questions people had when it came to studying for exams. This book teaches you everything about taking notes, reviewing material, spaced repetition, active recall, and much more! This book is the byproduct of years of going to school and researching some of the most effective techniques for studying!

Printable Weekly Study Planner

A 7 days planner that you can print and write on to visually remind you what is due or needs to get done each day. This is incredibly helpful for busy weeks or exam time!

10 Ways To Study Smarter

My top 10 tips that I would tell everyone if they asked how to study more effectively. This list serves as a great reminder on what I should be doing when it comes to studying. Print and place it right in your study space!

Printable and Digital Note Template

This file can be downloaded and imported into a tablet. I recommend apps like One Note or notability. If you want to go old school, you can print as many copies as you need and write on it with a pen or paper! Pro Tip. 3 hole punch your sheets so they can be neatly placed in your binder.

My Secret Study Schedule!

As a BONUS, I’m including my study schedule that I have used during my most rigorous parts of my study career. I don’t expect everyone to copy this exactly, but it should serve as motivation for the ideal schedule you want to create! 

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